Shala Group, Volvo Truck Center Albania

About Us

Our company was founded since 1998 from its main shareholder Mr. Shaba who had a long experience in the road transport service as a self-employed driver owning up to 5 trucks.
Due to the fast growth of our business activity, by the beginning of year 2000 we take an important decision for the future of the company. We decide to go steps further, so from a small company we pass into a corporate oriented organization and mentality.
Because of that we increase our fleet of trucks in a considerable number of vehicles for different transport services.
Company grows, son grows, and the result is the foundation of other 2 transport companies within the Shala-Trans Group managed from the son of Mr. Shaba, Edmond who becomes an important help for the company and the everyday operation process.
In 2008 we decide to move the business premises in a new location on the main highway of the country, 6 km from Durres Port, one of the main gates from Adriatic Sea to the Balkan region.
With a parking space of 23.000 m2, service area, spare parts warehouse, petrol station and new modern offices we became an important player in the transport sector in the local market and not only.
The fleet of more than 50 trucks & trailers added additional value to our company and because of that we were asked to work with most important local and international companies like:

• Seament Cement Factory
• Elbasan Cement Factory
• Bechtel Enka JV for the construction of the Durres Kukes highway
• Porr Technobau & Umwelt on the construction of Ashta Powerplant

The continuous expansion of our business activities is part of our company philosophy. So we are open to our partners, clients and supplier for any new business opportunity and challenge not only in the transport sector but also in other.


Responsibility, Business Success and Active Cooperation are the main goals of our company

Investing in modern trucks with low gas emissions and fuel saving, state of the art trailers and platforms, trying to keep clean anything around us, stands for both Responsibility and Business Success.

Very good and long relationship with Clients, Suppliers but even with competitors, when serving them on the truck service makes us stand very cooperative and transparent in each operation.

Our Vision makes us keep in mind those few important words like:

  • Quality standard
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Innovation
  • Profit orientation