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Our Partners


Fushe Kruja Cement Factory

Fushe Kruje Cement Factory Sh.p.k. was established on 14 September 2000 through the acquisition of the assets of Cement Manufacturing Enterprise of Fushe Kruje (the second largest cement factory in the country) by a consortium lead by Seament Holding.
Seament Holding owns 100% of the shares of FKCF.


Elbasan Cement Factory

ECF is located on the outskirts of the city of Elbasan, approximately 60 km southwest of Tirana, Albania, between an industrial area and the town itself. ECF is located in a semi-rural area and is surrounded by small agricultural holdings together with a few detached residences.

In March 1997, Seament Holding participated in a privatization tender and acquired a 70% interest in ECF and a 70% stake in UQ from the Government of Albania. In January 1999, the sponsor constructed a fixed land terminal at Durres, and in August 2000, Seament increased its holdings in ECF from 70% to 77% and in UQ from 70% to 86%. The remaining 23% of the shares of ECF and the remaining 14% of the shares in UQ are still held by the Government of Albania.


Seament Albania

Seament Holding is a fast growing cementitious products group, offering quality goods and services around the world since the 1950’s.


Kurum Steel

Kürüm Holding, one of the iron-manufacturing leader companies in Turkey and Eastern Europe, with its 30 years of experience in addition to its main activity sectors such as iron-steel, is a commercial entity focused on creating additional values in regional and global scale in various sectors. Production capacities are 600,000 tons / year, of which 55% for the domestic market and the rest for export. Kürüm International is one of the largest investors and strategic extending Albania and in other areas such as energy, mining, etc..



Textar has been a synonym for premium friction products for 100 years. Founded in 1913 as a sales company, the brand of the TMD Friction Group stands for high quality, optimum safety and highest braking comfort worldwide.


Bechtel & Enka

The Bechtel Enka Joint Venture brings an unrivalled depth of experience and knowledge gained from executing complex projects all over the world. Working together as an integrated team, the Bechtel Enka Joint Venture has successfully completed projects across Europe and Asia for several decades. Bechtel and Enka have completed over 28,000 kilometers of highways and roads, 100 tunnels totaling 350 kilometres in length, and 25 major bridge projects. This enduring relationship is testimony to our joint commitment to continue the successful delivery of projects.