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Designing the new Volvo FH

“The Volvo FH is our backbone. Many people regard Volvo Trucks and the FH model as synonymous. The new Volvo FH series is the foundation for the continued successful market development of Volvo Trucks,” relates Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks..

The new Volvo FH has been developed over the past five years – passive safety and active safety have been increased with a new safety cage and new warning systems. The cab is now up to one cubic metre bigger. Both the driver’s environment and the relaxation area have been optimised to function in the best possible way. Smart technological solutions cut fuel consumption and excellent driving properties reduce transport times and improve safety on the road.


Volvo Trucks – The Big Picture

It’s been over 80 years since the first Volvo truck was built back in 1927, and 40 years since the first truck was sold in the UK. Today Volvo is the second largest producer of heavy trucks, creating reliable transport solutions for clients all over the world.
Here, you can learn about our approach to safety, quality and the environment, which are the true foundations of the solutions we offer, and while you’re here, why not see if we have an career opportunities for you.


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