Shala Group, Volvo Truck Center Albania



Service Product

Our main service is the transport via earth for the merchandises, raw materials and goods on behalf of third parties but we are most experienced in:

  • Transport of cement in cement silos
  • Transport of any bulk material
  • Transport in platforms

And we don’t mind the volume of work as we have a large fleet of trucks with very experienced drivers and ready at any time.

Lately, apart of the transport activity we are offering to other transporters the service of Maintenance and Repair for all brand trucks.

For this reason we have invested a lot in a fully equipped workshop, a washer system for trucks and trailers as well as an assembly shop and a painting hall, enables us to offer our customers more value-added services besides transportation.

But the most important part of the service is the very qualified staff, for trucks with the right know how and long working experience.

The company has its location in the highway Durres-Tirane Km 6.The business premises consist in a area of about 20.230m2. There is placed the vehicles yard plus the machine shop that serves for different services for the companies vehicles, near these premises are situated the administration offices.

The company’s activity is exercised almost in all Albanian territories, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Business premises and location

Our company is located in the highway Durres-Tirane Km 6 and it has a very good location taking in consideration that this is the main highway of the country and we are only 6 km to the mail gate of the Balkan from Adriatik Sea. We have to underline that this is the main gate also for the 8th Corridor which connect the Adriatik Sea with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and so on, but also the main way for the goods to Kosovo, Serbia and other related countries.

The business premises consist of:

  • Parking area of about 23.000m2
  • Service area and spare parts warehouse of 600 m2 (apart of the truck service)
  • Petrol station
  • Workshop for body paint and washer system
  • New modern offices in two floors for about 450 m3
  • Mobile Service Shop for truck & trailer